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Our expertise in manufacturing classic designs will enable you to put your indoors outdoors and to be comfortable in the wild, in a field, in the garden, on a campsite or wherever your adventures take you.
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Bought a Soulpad 5000-ease last year and it's FANTASTIC!!!! Superb value for money and great quality. Took it to a festival with our baby and everyone loved it (although they kept calling it a tipi). Literally took 15 minutes tops to put up by ... read more


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  • Chris Packham Has Got Soul!

    October 24, 2015

    You've just got to love Chris' reaction to receiving his brand new SoulPad 4000-hybrid-G. Who'd have thought that before receiving his SoulPad Chris wasn't that into the idea...

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  • Dan Snow Has Got Soul!

    October 14, 2015

    When legendary Historian, TV Presenter, Writer and father of two; Dan Snow heads out to hit the festival scene, his choice of SoulPad is the SoulPad 4000-hybrid-G.

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  • Anushka Medvedchikova Hey! I'm in the middle of making a chandelier for my 5000hybrid, and wondering if anyone knows the height of the lamp hook thing on the centre pole? Happy glamping ;)
  • 12196118_10153812823953267_8209022962777084909_n Karen Hough Credit where credit is due - Zoe - your tents are amazing. We had an atrocious storm last night - and woke up to two tents down :( We were sure that the middle pole in at least one of them was broken - but after a 'bit' of mopping up... the tents look a
  • Andi Neilson Just taken delivery of the 3000 Ultralite, now roll on summer so I can get out there and enjoy it :)
  • SoulPad Pssst! Business customers, last orders at 2015 prices! - Save £'s in 2016 http://bit.ly/1krBEO5
  • 12111995_10152976506980666_4215253882041693181_n SoulPad We received this interesting sample but have no use for it. Would anyone like to have it FOC? Collection is from our Norfolk, UK showroom. Please PM us if interested, first-come-first-served basis. It's a foam mattress intended to fit a 4m SoulPad. Has a
  • Steve Nicholls Just received my soulpad 5000, can't wait to put it up :) thank guys :)
  • Kerstin Powell We purchased a Soul Pad tent last month for use this month. First, delivery time was so fast I am sure you guys are jacking up the space time continuum. A dry run proved the ease of set up, it's really simple! The event we were using the tent for wound
  • Dawn Daly Hello SoulPad. Do you offer bell tent clean and waterproofing? along with a zip repair? I am in Bristol. Can you advise me of costs? Many thank you's
  • SoulPad 1. Get a bargain. 2. Help our chosen charity. 3. Feel great! (we've had a tidy-up) - Visit our ebay shop for deals on clearance stock: http://ow.ly/Skjax
  • SoulPad 1. Get a bargain. 2. Help our chosen charity. 3. Feel great! - Visit our ebay shop for deals on clearance stock. We've had a tidy-up and are adding stock daily: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/soulpadcanvastents/
  • SoulPad
  • 12006261_1018026961562222_3393853134897174073_n Pinewood Park LOADS going on this weekend in Scarborough: STEVE HENSHAW INTERNATIONAL GOLD CUP ROAD RACES Oliver's Mount Road Racing, Scarborough and Scarborough GoldWing Light Parade to mention just 2! Tipi tents available from just £20 per person per night, based on
  • 12003038_10152926909510666_4224835430339877449_n SoulPad We've really enjoyed looking at the photos from The Three Inch Fools today. Thanks for sharing guys! http://soulpad.co.uk/galleries/60
  • 11998950_10100174515467081_1351807830897183817_n Ashton Levier Took a long exposure while camping near the salt flats in Utah. Love my #soulpad :)
  • 11990644_878096242272104_2956809774456468667_n SoulPad Looky here! A soulful September offer from our partner campsite Riddlesworth Park, Norfolk.
  • 11954662_1014062271958691_6554772922289682060_n Pinewood Park Wow! Our latest Fantastic Facebook Offer: Mid-week Tipi stays this September from only £50 per night per couple PLUS stay 2 nights & get FREE Sealife tickets worth over £30. Arrivals: Mon 7th, Weds 9th Mon 14th, Weds 16th Book online or call us on: 0172
  • Lily Rose Heart I freakin' love these tents and can't wait to get one!!!
  • 11953069_1013790421985876_2869337804969371616_n Pinewood Park Last chance for a Tipi break this year! As you'll probably know by now; we sell our Tipis at the end of each season & then replace them with brand new ones at Easter. So there's just a few weeks left to enjoy a Tipi break this year. This weekend is fully
  • 11813361_878682818835288_6314757483599210721_n Woods for Learning our first SoulPad experience in thunder and lightning this weekend. no leaks, great
  • Woods for Learning looking forward to testing out our first soulpad 6000 hybrid this weekend thank you soulpad.
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  • RT @missionalfrog: Misty morning, wild flowers, a bell tent & the band practising before we open the flaps & let rip! @LatimerMinster http:… September 22, 2015 04:17
  • Whoops, missed out that last link. Here it is http://t.co/h8moCTU5P3 September 17, 2015 22:05
  • RT @GlamCamperUK: Just a couple more outings for our fab bell tents from @soulpad before putting them to bed for the winter! #belltent http… September 17, 2015 22:03
  • 1. Get a bargain. 2. Help our chosen charity. 3. Feel great! - Visit our ebay shop for deals on clearance stock:... September 17, 2015 21:10
  • RT @Join_Dave: RT this for a chance for you and a friend to be an extra in #RedDwarf. T&C's apply: http://t.co/UQHSzXLah6 #UKTVLive http://… September 08, 2015 23:28
  • Shakespeare with wit, eccentricity and now... with a @soulpad. @threeinchfools brave the elements for their art. http://t.co/E2sQeVKaQT September 08, 2015 22:58
  • 3 nights for the price of 2 @riddlesworthpk throughout September. Glorious #glamping! https://t.co/xUXCpwMcrS September 07, 2015 20:07
  • @cotswold_livi @cotswoldacademy @cwsolihull OK, your favourite instruction manual quote please. Let's hear what made you chuckle. September 05, 2015 02:05
  • @liveotherwise @mytwomums Maybe you can find yourself a bargain in our sale (started just now!) https://t.co/RJprpTRLtq September 05, 2015 02:03
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