We SoulPadders here at SoulPad HQ don't like to blow our own trumpets (much!) but as you kind folks are prepared to take the time to write in with praise, then we should at least acknowledge it.

So here's a few samples. More reviews are available online here. Thanks to all who have taken the time to write so far.

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We are very impressed with our SoulPad, stove and flue kit. All items arrived promptly and well packaged. We were trialing our new tent and stove at the first of our ‘Back to Country Camps’. The preparation for the camp was huge and we didn’t have time to erect the tent before we put it and the stove and flue kit (still in it’s packaging) into our trailer. I had a little trepidation about us being able to erect our untried tent and stove and flue in the midst of our busyness. However, I needn’t have worried. I am absolutely delighted to say that the SoulPad was the easiest tent ever to erect! In our family, tents we have ever used, have a ‘shout’ (or swear) rating, based on the levels of frustration and irritability it takes to put up. The SoulPad got a ‘zero shout’ rating, and went up quickly. With equal trepidation, we tackled the installation of the stove and flue kit. The next day we had an hour to spare between jobs and decided to start on the stove, fully expecting to have to abandon the project halfway through, but we got it done within the hour. I think it helped that we had watched a tutorial clip prior, and that the holes were predrilled. We had the stove lit that night, and were the envy of the camp. We felt like bedouin royalty. We tried out the bijou inner, but unfortunately our double bed roll would not fit inside it, so we took it down. We can see its value though, to create a private single room later on. So still happy with that. So, overall, we were extremely happy with our SoulPad purchases and experience and can see that the comfortability, simplicity and natural aesthetics these tents provide will be a boon for our future camp projects. Many thanks,

Catherine Mercer, Manager at Poornarti Aboriginal Tours

Crikey! What a magical tent, within its folds are wonders. Fling back a flap and you can see a starscape that seems to have been hidden by this quirky yurt. Such is the sense of mysticism and adventure that me and the missus are tempted to roam beyond the garden. But not without Chris Packham for ground support...

Russell Brand, Comedian, Actor,Radio Host, Author, & Activist

The SoulPad [4000-hybrid-G] was lovely and shady in the heat, other people were sweating in their smaller nylon tents! It's been up in the garden all summer. Kids love it. We might even risk a winter camping trip as the evenings close in....


We talked a bit last year before we bought our Soulpad Tribe and I just wanted to complement your company as a whole for such great service and such a quality product! Our Soulpad came two days after we ordered it which was fantastic timing as we could take it on our camping trip to Croajingolong National Park in Victoria, Australia. Our entire camping experience has changed from the conventional tent set-up to a luxurious and spiritual space for a whole family and even some friends on occasion. We loved just spending time in the Tribe tent as opposed to normal tents which usually you can't wait to get out of and it drew a lot of attention from other campers. Thanks again for the amazing service and product, we will no doubt spruke it to our friends. Cheers, Dave


Hey there! This is how my tents looked at cactus a surfing mecca in South Australia on The Nullabor! They held up to some extreme hot and windy weather! A lot of people asked me about them so you should receive some more orders soon. Thanks I love my tents, Sean.

Sean, Surfer & Camper

My beautiful new addition to the family is the SoulPad 5000-ease. I am quite literally in love with it it. At 5m, it's huge and we certainly won't grow out of it. I can't recommend SoulPad enough, their customer service is excellent.

Mummy-Tips (Blogger)

I received my tent on Friday and erected it for the first time on Saturday. It only took 45 mins, which is not too bad for a first time. The quality of the tent is out-standing but I knew it would be as you were highly recommended and the amount of space inside is unbelievable. I have 3 little cherubs and we all can't wait to go camping this summer. The customer service from you guys was fantastic as well so thank you for keeping us informed with the delivery updates. I will have no problems in recommending SoulPad to future customers. Once again, thank you for all your help A very happy camper, Rich

Rich, Happy Camper

I'd like to leave you guys some feedback. From start to finish talking to the lady on the phone was a pleasure. You didn't have the one we wanted so you upgraded at no extra cost! Thank you so much. It arrived quickly too. We shall be using it on our honeymoon when we stop off places abroad. I'm so looking forward to it. If anyone is considering buying a SoulPad tent I would say do it, you won't regret it. Teresa x [Facebook Review]


[The SoulPad 3000-ultralite is] a perfect size tent which we loved!

Dominic Harvey, Organiser for Wilderness Gathering Bushcraft Festival

@soulpad are the best festival tent people on the 'planet' :)

Craig Charles, Actor, DJ, Presenter

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  • #glamping #belltent #soulpad 30+ sqm of #stretchtent for a #yoga class tomorrow. All done in under an hour with the 'help' of a few little ones who were keen to show their maths skills and sociable nature.

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  • #glamping #belltent #soulpad After the rain:
Check your bell tent for raindrops beading on the canvas like this. If the canvas is soaked or absorbing water then you should reproof it when dry. 
These raindrops look very pretty don’t they?
  • #glamping #belltent #soulpad We’re a bit very in love with this next-level garden chill out area