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TV: Alexander Armstrong's Very British Holiday - BBC1

Yup! The lovely SoulPads® featured on the telly on 'Alexander Armstrong's Very British Holiday' - a factual, consumer travel program by the BBC.

In the program Alexander visited our friends at Jollydays. Jollydays have been SoulPad® customers for some years now, and they have an extensive range of SoulPads® and SoulPad® equipment to boast of.

When presented with his own SoulPad® for the night, a somewhat cynical Alexander commented: "Oooh! Ooo-oooh! Well, this is alright! This is errrr, better than I was expecting."

On returning to his SoulPad® after a hard days work on the campsite (in exchange for use of the luxurious SoulPad® retreat), the by-now-converted Alexander commented "its funny because when I crawled in...walked in to my tent, there's no mistaking the sound of the unzipping of a canvas door, and it sounds like camping. Then I came in here and obviously it was pitch black when I came in, but I lit all these candles...and I feel like the sort of favourite son of a Bedouin Prince. Its amazing!'s great!"

Title: Alexander Armstrong's Very British Holiday.
Broadcast on: BBC One
Duration: 60 minutes